Sunday, September 6, 2009

More news coverage

French national newspaper "Le Parisien" with François de la Plaza's interview.

Paris-Match article.

CBS5 Local News. Story was aired on the 6PM news on Sept 5,2009. Use the video scroll on the right side to play the video.

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Tom Lowery said...

I just watched the story as presented on 48 hours. I find one thing stands out. Why is it that the SFPD seem not to want to classify this as a homodice? Why is the medical examiner sticking to "undetermined" as the cause of this poor man's murder? Someone should start asking if Hugues ever dated someone who may have been or was connected to someone in the police department, or perhaps connected to the city. Obviously facts are being supressed, and it has to come from someone who has enough power to do so.

I am filled with feeling for his friends, his family and anyone who is still aching to bring his killer to justice. KEEP PUSHING. IMO they know something. Otherwise why did they hide the report from earlier this year?

There is something rotten going on in SF.