Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Thank you Jaxon Van Derbeken for his article in San Francisco Chronicle.

Thank you to Sarah Phelan for her article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Thank you to Matt Smith for his article in SF Weekly.

Thank you to Emmanuel Reitz and Didier Barral for their story for "Sept à Huit" on French national TV TF1.

Thank you to Vic Lee for her story on ABC7 News.

Thank you to Jaxon Van Derbeken for his story in the SF Chronicle.

François and Mireille de la Plaza will be in San Francisco (for the 5th times) on September 30th, 2009 for 10 days and are expected to meet with Police Chief George Gascón.


Wendy Cadell said...

Hi, I watched 48 hours tonight, November 14, and it was about your friend. I was thinking about this case and this is what I believe may have happened. The neighbor that said he heard a noise, I believe Plaza also heard the same noise. But he was up and moving about his home so he went to investigate it. When he opened the door he either saw someone doing something they shouldn't have been doing and/or startled someone. I don't believe the person that killed him actually knew him. The police said there were also 5 other homicides that night. They need to look into those and see if any occurred around were Plaza lived. They also need to check the way the others died. If by stabbing was the weapon the same type. The person that killed Plaza may have also killed someone else. These are of course just my thoughts. I hope the killer is found soon.

Anonymous said...

Just get it threw your head he killed himself. plus hes french and they should investigate you melissa maybe you killed him. there is no evidence that he was murdered as you say

Anonymous said...

the man was promiscuous... probably pissed off a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, where were you at the time of his murder? If you were on the east coast, where exactly on the east coast were you? How did you discover he was dead? One report says his parents notified you. You are quoted as saying you informed them. Which is it, Melissa? Why after 4 years did you try to get back together with him? Why would a reporter write that you finally had closure after the report from french officials concluded his death was a homicide? Any idea? Why would you be leading this effort to find out what really happened when you two had been broken-up for 4 years, except that you tried to make it work again 4 years later? Who initiated this effort to reunite? I didn't understand your explanation when you were asked about how you were the one who first suggested this might have been a suicide. Did you suggest it might be exactly that, before the determination was made that it was indeed suicide? You seem extraordinarily attached to this man. How did you feel about his attraction to so many other women?

Lisa said...

What "promiscuous" means ? anonymous ?? are you telling us that, as he was "French", so, automatically was "promiscuous ? this is discrimatory at least .

mjoc said...

This guy was French. F*** him. He was obviously a dirt bag (since he aas French) and deserved what he got. The French have been unappreciative pieces of garbage for more than 50 years. We should test out nuclear weapons over French territory. F*** the French!

Amanda Gilbreath said...

First off, I feel sorry for all of his friends and family.
It is truely pathetic that they would ever rule a stabbing death as a suicide, unless the person had a suicide note next to them. Especially, when there are obvious explanations for what happened. They said it was unusual that all of his doors where locked and that there was no sign of a struggle. I believe that he went home drunk, continued drinking (the wine glass in the home) and then called his friend. I think he heard a noise outside, went to investigate, got stabbed by whomever was outside, and in a daze, he rushed into his house and locked the door. That is why you only see one blood trail into the home. If someone had just stabbed you, you would immediately lock your door when you ran into your home. I bet that if you look at several cases of people being stabbed infront of their home, that are able to get inside (regardless of whether they survived or not, that they locked their door for fear that assalant would come back. He was drunk, and severly injured, that is why he was walking slowly in the apartment, that is also why he did not use his phone. Because he could not find it. I have been drunk before, gone home and not been able to figure out where I put my cellphone, you add being stabbed and terrified, and that is going to increase the chance that you will not be able to find it. Even if it is right in front of you. I believe that he was circling his kitchen and living room looking for his phone. I also think he knocked over the things in the house himself in a panic while he was dying , that is why there are heavier blood pools by the turned over TV (because the pressure exerted from knocking over the TV would cause him to bleed more), and that is why he had a few bruises on his hands (from pushing over a heavy TV). I do not believe that Melissa killed him, or tried to have him killed, I do however believe that she thought she might have known who killed him. I think that is why she was asking questions about whether it was a Hari Kari. Did any of his friends verify that he was into those types of movies? We would have to be obsessed with those types of things if it was sufficent enough for her to talk about it in an interview. I think Melissa asked because she suspected someone she was dating or had dated of doing this, and that person was into those types of things. I do think that Melissa still believes that the person killed him, but she could be wrong. Either way I believe she should be honest about why she asked the investigator those questions. Even in her 48 hours interview, she did not really explain why she asked those questions, she was short with her response and she looked to the right. I am sure she has not admitted why she asked those questions because she is embarassed and also does not want that same person to be harassed by the police. Either way I wish his family and friends the best. More importantly, I believe that the police, medical examiner, and anyone else that was involved in this investigation should be fired. How could you rule this a suicide when none of his friends and family (aside from an ex girlfriend from 4 years earlier) gzve you any indication that he was suicidal??? GIVE ME A BREAK!! Also, the only reason they will not change the ruling is for fear of a lawsuit, plain and simple. It also the reason why the department is trying to claim that they have been investigating this as a murder. But they are not. If they were? They would have grilled the women he was dating, friends, the ex girlfriend, etc. I think the only reason that they even hired a second medical examiner was because they were hoping he would come back saying suicide, and that they would have that in their 'back-pocket' if they were sued. Because they know that they will probably be sued.

girlfromParis said...

justice for hugues!

Lili said...


I'm French and I am currently watching a documentary on french TV about what happened to Hugues. So bad.
How can the police think that he killed himself? So many doubts, so many questions... I hope the truth will be found one day, for Hugues, for his parents and beloved friends.

Courage pour ses parents, la vérité éclatera un jour j'en suis sure. Que votre fils puisse reposer en paix.

Lili, 25 years old, Paris

Anonymous said...

mjoc why are you so angry about french men (envy,fear)? Don't you think that it has been so different with an US citizen? I think that the image of the SFPD shoul be better if they try to solve this "murder".... One more thing, Do you think that if you want to kill you, will you clean the knife before dying?... Story on Hugh's death was broadcast on French channel (http://guidetv.france2.fr/jsp/prog/fiche.jspx?idProg=32731318)

MaxScofield said...

for mjoc

A person is a victim of a homicide and you you says bullshit
"mjoc" you are really idiot

Anonymous said...

Just saw the report on french TV.
I understood that when he left the bar, Hugues wanted to :
- Find a woman
- Find drug

Maybe he opened his door to a drug dealer who killed him because of money problems ?

p-alex said...

Vu sur TF1 ce soir le reportage. Je n'avais pas connaissance de ce combat.
Que justice soit faite.
Bon courage

Amorgen said...

I've juste watched a long documentary on France2 tonight. It may focus once again the french public on this case.
I hope the truth could appear.
Parents and friends, keep on the fight.
There is unfortunately none satisfying theory at the momemt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my English but I am far to be fluent. However I have just watched France 2 - TV show in France - about Hugues case. I would like to give my regards to the parents and all Hugues' friends. I hope the case will be fix asap and the murderer put in jail.
About mjoc's comments : la liberte d expression est une chance, mjoc non.


David said...

After watching TV story on France2 I'm 100% sure the laptop HDD had something to tells us

Anonymous said...

Bon courage au parents d'hugues, qu'ils puissent obtenir la vérité sur la mort de leur fils.
Hugues doit etre fière de votre combat de la ou il est...

Anonymous said...

La deuxième chaîne française vient de diffuser un documentaire de plus d’une heure et demie sur l’affaire de La Plaza qui confirme l’incompétence et l’amateurisme avec lequel a été menée l’enquête en compromettant au passage des indices et notamment des traces ADN qui auraient aidé à l’identification du coupable. Que la France mette la pression pour que cette enquête aboutisse. En ce qui concerne les considérations liaient au taux d’élucidation du SFPD : cela révèle encore une fois l’incompétence des services de polices de la ville de San Francisco qui semble plus attacher aux statistiques qu’à l’élucidation des homicides. C’est proprement navrant de voir cela dans une telle démocratie. Il est temps que la France reprenne en main dans cette affaire et en urgence.
The second French channel has broadcast a documentary over an hour and a half on the case of La Plaza, which confirms the incompetence and amateurism with which was conducted the investigation and jeopardize the passage of indices including DNA traces that would have helped identify the culprit. That France put pressure for this investigation to succeed. Regarding considerations tied to the rate of elucidation of the SFPD: This shows yet again the incompetence of police of the city of San Francisco who seems more attached to statistics as the unsolved murders. It is really sad to see it in such a democracy. It is time that France resume in hand in this case and in an emergency.

Anonymous said...

je me présente je m'appel christian,g regarder l'enquéte sur la télé consernant cette affaire,il y a plusieur chose qui me trouble et don j'aimerais avoir une réponse
d'après ce que g pu lire hugues serais mort vers 2h du matin,la silouette que l'on aperçois dans la rue par la caméra du voisin une personne qui part et non qui rentre chez elle au vue de la forme(ayant pas la vidéo sous les yeux je ne peu confirmé),de plus la silouette ne correspond pas a la carrure de hugue,en plus il y a des choses qui ne tienne pas,a ton vérifier si hugues a pas envoyé un mess a un dealer qui l'attendé devant chez lui,vue que celui-ci chercher apparament de la drogue,autre tése,au dire de son ami d'enfance il arrivé pas a rompre avec une fille,la silouette en question a ton vérifier k'il sagi bien d'un homme???et autre question,cette fille en question qui et t'elle?
si on retrouve cette fameuse fille peut'étre qu'on obtiendra plus d'information
bref ce son juste des impressions
je sais que c une enquéte très difficile a géré
je compatie et souhaite bon courage au parent

gilles said...

Les choses avancent apparemment. la police de San Francisco a changé de position radicalement. l'info est sur le net depuis aujourd'hui.

"La version officielle de la police de la ville avait conclu à un suicide, version contestée par les parents du jeune homme. Leur combat vient de bénéficier de l'appui d'un médecin légiste américain qui privilégie «sans appel», selon les mots du papa, joint hier, la thèse d'un homicide. Cet élément devrait inciter les policiers américains à revoir les conclusions de leur enquête, dont ils admettent aujourd'hui qu'elle a souffert de «plusieurs défaillances»."

et aussi
"Mais, dans un rapport commandé quelques semaines plus tard par un adjoint du chef de la police de San Francisco, un second expert indépendant avait expliqué qu'il s'agissait bien d'"un homicide".

Ce rapport, daté de février 2008, a été "caché jusqu'à présent par la police de San Francisco" qui ne l'a jamais "transmis" aux autorités françaises également chargées de l'enquête, affirme le père de la victime qui vit à Brignogan-Plage."

Anonymous said...


Sorry for my english! I saw the document about hugues on Frenche TV tonignt, and i am so chocked by SFPD, wee see there are two much problems in the investigation and we see policemen are note concerned!! I hope really murderer will be find , because for me it's not a suicide!
I speak french now: Bon courage aux parents et a toute la famille et aux amis de hugues.
Continuez votre combat

Repose en paix Hugues

Anonymous said...

Un article de Paris Match sur le meurtre de La Plaza :


Anonymous said...

Un article du Journal du Dimanche


gilles said...

inutile de mettre n lien de sarticles qui datent d'il y a plus d'un an. voici les nouvelles de l'affaire. même le documentaire de ce soir n'avait bien sûr pas encore ces derniers developpements.

« Ce rapport prouve que mon fils a été assassiné »

"Hugues de la Plaza, un Finistérien de 36 ans, a été retrouvé mort à San Francisco, en 2007. Un rapport indépendant discrédite la thèse du suicide, privilégiée par la police américaine.
« Mon fils ne s'est pas suicidé. Nous en avons la preuve. » Depuis deux ans et demi, François de la Plaza et son épouse se battent pour connaître la vérité sur la mort de leur fils, Hugues.

Le corps du Breton de 36 ans, dont les parents habitent à Brignogan (Finistère), a été retrouvé dans son appartement de San Francisco (États-Unis), en juin 2007.

Les enquêteurs américains ont toujours privilégié la thèse du suicide, classant rapidement l'affaire. En octobre dernier, le nouveau chef de la police de San Francisco évoquait pourtant, devant les parents d'Hugues, l'existence d'un rapport accréditant la thèse du meurtre : « Nous n'avons pas eu le droit de le consulter », se désolent François et Mireille de la Plaza.

En début de semaine, une journaliste américaine s'est procurée le document et l'a transmis aux Finistériens. Les conclusions de cette contre-autopsie, réalisée par un expert indépendant, sont formelles : « Le médecin n'a aucun doute. Il écrit clairement que mon fils a été victime d'un meurtre. »

Selon le légiste, Hugues de la Plaza a été poignardé à trois reprises dans l'escalier de son immeuble. Il a réussi à se réfugier chez lui et a fermé la porte avant de succomber. « Ce rapport prouve que mon fils a été assassiné ! » fulmine le père de la victime.

Plus que la découverte de ce document, c'est le temps qu'il a fallu pour le rendre public qui met en colère la famille d'Hugues.

« Nous irons jusqu'au bout »

Si le rapport n'est pas daté, il aurait été établi il y a neuf mois, indique le San Francisco Bay Guardian. Voire en mars 2008 selon le San Francisco Chronicle. « Mais pourquoi n'a-t-il pas été communiqué plus tôt au juge français chargé du dossier ? Que veut cacher la police ? »

Aujourd'hui, la famille d'Hugues de la Plaza estime qu'il n'est plus possible d'envisager la thèse du suicide. Elle a donc demandé à la police américaine de requalifier l'affaire. « Nous attendons toujours la réponse du chef de la police. »

Avec l'ouverture d'une enquête pour meurtre, François de la Plaza espère que les moyens consacrés au dossier seront plus importants. « Nous avons besoin de savoir ce qui est arrivé à notre fils. » En cas de refus des autorités américaines, le Finistérien affirme qu'il portera plainte contre la police de San Francisco. « Nous irons jusqu'au bout. »

Benjamin MORIN.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
just saw the TV show on France2, second french channel. Its just astonishing that SFPD has such low numbers relating to homicide cases being elucidated!
And not so many people reacting to it. Why arent you grouping families together? I mean, it seams that De la plaza family isnt the only to look for answers, right?

Anyway... Good luck to you and to Hugues family, and please, keep pushing hard!

Anonymous said...

Un reportage de 66 minutes :

et un article sur le site de France info :


Anonymous said...

Bon courage à François et Mireille de La plaza dans ce combat pour la vérité et la justice. Je leur conseille de ne pas hésiter à harceler les services consulaires français en californie afin d'obtenir un soutien plus important à tout le moins au niveau logistique...Bon courage

Anonymous said...

I think the SFPD are unqualified and doing the unnecessary, and Police Chief George Gascón is a lyer and a coward. Maybe cops are guilty ?

I send all my sympathy to Hugues'family and his friends

Patrick Toulousa said...

Je viens de voir ce reportage sur France2.
A l'analyse des faits tels qu'ils sont présentés le suicide ne tient pas, il s'agit manifestement d'un meutre.
Hugues quittait ses amis d'un bar/discothèque. D'une part il souhaitait de la coke, d'autre part il leur à dit qu'il allait trouver une fille.
Arrivé chez lui, il a cherché une fille sur internet ; ce qui est courant pour les gens de notre génération.
A mon avis 2 hypothèses peuvent se présenter.
Soit la prétendu fille alors contactée sur internet était en fait un homme psychopathe qui se faisait passer pour une fille (tout est possible sur internet). Et qui a agressé Hugues quand il lui a ouvert.
Soit il s'agit d'un problème avec un dealer de coke que Hugues avait fait venir.
Vu les coups de couteau je pense en effet que l'agresseur est un homme, il était peut être accompagné.
La police de San fransisco est vraiment très nulle de biaiser sur un suicide pour baisser ses statistiques de criminalité. Et son entêtement me rappelle plus le régime Stalinien de l'URSS que l'image que j'ai des USA.
Mauvaise publicité pour San Fransisco.
J'espère que vous trouverez le ou les coupable(s) et que justice sera faite.
Bon courage et bonne chance.

Joseph said...

Hello, I've just seen the report on french TV too.

First : All my condolences to the de la Plaza family and Hugues' friends.

I must admit that I'm rather dubious about his death.

On the one hand, if it's a murder case, I just can't imagine that he was able to LOCK the door, whereas he was probably trying to stop the carotid hemorrhage with his hands, especially as he was probably too frightened to think to lock the door.
The fact that there was no element of external presence is really strange too (even if we can easily say that the investigation was botched and had probably led to destroy evidences...)

On the other hand, in my opinion, the suicide theory is impossible.
We can't impose oneself deep mortal wounds with a knife three times in a row, go for a walk outside and come back, close the door, and then clean the knife !! It's just IMPOSSIBLE.

So, I think the crime theory seems a little bit less improbable and I can't understand that SFPD counted on a suicide so easily...

Courage à vous tous pour la suite.

Sincery yours


Anonymous said...

Melissa has a website, I believe it to be hers, where she posts a number of pictures of Plaza and herself. It seems she is still very much "in obsession" with him, IMO. She is very possessive of him and practically maintains they were still an item. It is hard to imagine she wasn't consumed with jealousy as he pursued other females. A friend of hers expressed concern for her too, when she first asked him out. (She had been hurt many times before.) Nix asserts they were a couple for four years, ending four years before his demise. Does anyone else support her claims? Were they a couple or is she imagining they were? He doesn't seem like he was the kind of man interested in exclusivity, ever. She indicates they tried to get back together 6 months before he was killed. If she was the one who initiated the effort, that only serves to reinforce that even after 4 years she was not over him. I don't think she ever got over him. She made a statement to the effect that he was everything and more she could want in a man. As she said and I agree, this appeared to be a crime of passion. Melissa, where were you at the time of his death?

Anonymous said...

je viens de decouvrir hier soir sur france2 l'histoire d'Hugues de la Plaza, pour faire avancer cette enquête il faut faire de cette histoire poignante un film!!!courage aux parents et aux amis

Anonymous said...

2 years.
253 murder cases.
1 elucidated.
Shame on SFPD.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, the medical examiner's report says you are Plaza's ex-fiance and that you were living in New York at the time of his death. Further, the report says that you broke off the engagement in January of 2007 just months before his death. Didn't you say efforts to make the relationship work, after 4 years of being apart, were unsuccessful on the 48 Hour broadcast? Also, the report indicates the French Consulate informed his parents of his death. You said you informed them. Did the Consulate reach them after you did? Approximately 10, dark, 1 and 1/2" to 2" long hairs were found in blood that dried on one of his fingers. Was it tested to identify its origin? You say that after you broke up with him, he became depressed and began drinking more and using cocaine. You feared he might hurt himself and even asked him whether he had suicidal ideations. Melissa, the information you provided was entered at 9:30 on 6/4/2007. You resided in New York. Who informed you and when did they contact you? You were working for the Bee in California at the time, I thought.

manu said...

To Hugues friends team searching for justice, congratulations for your involvement and courage you are showing. Melissa, your role is not easy but thanks to you investigation has made great progresses yet. I despise these underhand and perfidious comments about your role. Idiot and humanity millstone people are in France and in the US. Everywhere ! Good luck to all of you. Truth will come out !

Anonymous said...

hi après avoir regardé le reportage diffusé sur france 2 le 14/11 je voulais particulièrement apporté tout mon soutien et mon respect aux parents d'hugues pour le combat qu'ils mènent pour la vérité et pour le souvenir de leur fils.
respect aussi à tous ses amis pour leur détermination. quelle leçon de fraternité!!!
j'espère que le meurtrier sera arrété et jugé à la hauteur de son crime.

Lou said...

Je m'appelle Lou, je suis Francaise et j'ai 18 ans . J'ai vu , hier soir, un reportage consacrer à Hugues, et j'ai été toucher par toute la mobilisation de ses proches, ses ami(e)s, ses collèges de travail, ses connaissances et sa Famille . Je voulais juste vous souhaiter plein de courage, et espère que vous retrouverez un jour, le meurtrier d'Hugues, qui malheureusement, court toujours . Bravo pour ce combat que vous menez de facon solidaire, que ce soit aux États-Unis qu'en France .
Amitité, Lou .

Repose en Paix Hugues ♥

Anonymous said...

J'ai vu hier soir le reportage sur france 2. J'ai trouve cette histoire incroyable!
Je sius de tout coeur avec cette famille!
La motivation numéro 1 des gens pour faire avancer l'affaire est peut etre l'argent, alors pourquoi ne pas essayer d'organiser une collecte? des dons?
Bon courag à la famille et aux proches.

Anonymous said...

Oliver from Belgium with you,good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour j'ai vu hier soir à la TV le reportage sur ce drame je vous ecris pour vous dire toute ma sympathie (à défaut d'autre chose)car certte histoire est tout simplement INCROYABLE les usa avec leur "Experts à Frisco" j'espère que l'on découvrira le ou les criminels , courage au parents je n'ose imaginés leur chagrins , nous avons nous mêmes trois enfants! Nathalie from Belgium!

Anonymous said...

Faites en un filme , malheureusement de nos jours c'est ainsi que l'on attire l'attention!bon courage...

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, je suis yamina,

Je transmets tout mon soutien à la famille DE LA PLAZA; il est clair qu'il s'agit d'un homicide, puiqu'il y a des traces de lutte et même dispute dans l'appartement d'après ce que j'ai lu sur internet (verre brisé, fil ordinateur arraché), concernant les cheveux retrouvés dans la main d'Hugues, y a t'il eu des recherches ADN, vu les quantités importantes de sang sur les photos, pourquoi ne pas appel à un expert en sang (ça existe !! analyse des trajectoires, etc) qui pourra donner un probable scénario du crime. Je pense qu'Hugues devait connaître sa victime, on ouvre pas sa porte comme ça au milieu de la nuit ou a eu la malchance de rencontrer un voyou, mais pourquoi ce dernier n'aurait il pas voler l'ordinateur et l'argent.

Bette Benjamin said...

J'ai eu l'occasion de regarder le film consacré à Hugues ce samedi soir sur France 2.
Je tiens à témoigner toute ma sympathie aux parents et aux amis de Hugues.
Le film m'a touché énormément et révolté à un plus haut point.
Ici en belgique, les disfonctionnements judiciaires sont courants mais là... un tel déni, ignorance,incompétence, mépris de la part des autorités judiciaires américaines... on pourrait croire à une farce... mais non... hallucinant !
Je souhaite de tout coeur que son meurtrier soit un jour derrière les barreaux et espère de tout coeur que les auorités Françaises feront tout le nécessaire.



Anonymous said...


Je viens de regarder le reportage de france2 que j'avais enregistré hier soir et je souhaite aux parents de Hugues ainsi que ses amis beaucoup de courage et de réussite dans leur enquête. J'espère de tout coeur que le meurtrier de Hugues sera retrouvé afin que tous ses proches trouvent enfin la paix.

RIP Hugues.

Anonymous said...

"Casillas and Nix talked four days after Hugues’ death..." from the 48 Hours transcript, but not according to the medical examiner's report. Their conversation was noted on 6/4/2007 at 9:30. In the summary of their discussion, Nix acknowledges she had been concerned for her ex-fiance after she broke off their engagement earlier in the year. She said he became depressed and his increased drinking and use of coke caused her to wonder if he had become suicidal. She asked him about this. She was living in New York at the time, so how did she know what he was doing? Did she stay in touch with him from N.Y. or had she not moved there at that point? She answered that it was the detective who asked her leading questions about the possibility of suicide that evidently created the impression that she raised the issue, originally. But, the 48 Hour report does not refer to there engagement. She introduced that fact, or at least it seems likely that she did. A logical progression follows. She ended it. He became depressed. (Again, this is based on her account. There is no supporting evidence.) He drank more and started using coke, so she feared he might end his life. But, she doesn't readily, or even hesitantly for that matter, acknowledge this when asked by 48. If anything, she is adamant, at least publicly, that she knew Plaza and he was not suicidal. She says that when she ended it, he began using coke. Odd. I had the impression he'd been doing cocaine for some time. If there was one position to take to deflect any potential suspicion, to live above the fray, it would be as the driving force, the dedicated leader; a missionary of sorts, a devoted friend demanding that the real story be told.
BTW, did I hear this? Was Plaza a black belt in Karate? He wasn't intoxicated, either. His .11 ethanol blood level was slightly above the legal limit to drive, in many states. IMO, the murderer locked up and fled from a window. It wasn't a robbery. It wasn't suicide. It was clever. Someone knew where he would be. Someone knew how to avoid detection. someone knew that site, well. Someone was pissed. Really, really pissed. Enraged is a better word. While the killer may not have decided he had to die that morning, that was always a serious option. He was shocked by the killer's lightening quick decision. He couldn't comprehend that he could be defeated in this way. In just a very few seconds, literally, someone made three jabs with a razor sharp blade. One, critically and fatally, landed vertically, piercing through the front of his neck and down. He did not grasp that he was bleeding so profusely. In shock and helpless, he watched as life gushed out of his body. In one to two minutes at the most, time ceased.

Anonymous said...


j'ai vue le reportage sur TF1, c'est révoltant et triste, je souhaite bon courage à la famille et aux amis.
Que justice soit faite.

je pense à vous,

Anonymous said...

Pictures you posted of Plaza and yourself date back to 2000. You ended your engagement in January 2007. You say you were together for 4 years. This is confusing. Why did you break off your engagement?

Anonymous said...

Bon courage de Belgique.

Anonymous said...

If it was a crime of passion, that eliminates gangs, thugs or a spontaneous random act. If it was murder, then everything pertaining to suicide can be viewed as building the case for homicide. If it was a crime of passion, then he was murdered by someone who planned to meet him after he returned home at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning June 2, 2007. The murderer knew his habits and plans for that night. Some enraged spurned lover didn’t pop out of his warm bed that morning and suddenly bolt over there. This wasn’t a casual or spontaneous, impulsive move. It wasn’t about an unpaid debt to drug dealers. Nothing was stolen. This was not a prostitute and her pimp arguing about fees or having some fun. Hugues knew his killer. She/he may have had a key and may have let herself in, before or after he got home. That’s why he had no black-belt reaction. He did not perceive any threat. Also, no one would have gotten close enough to him to stab unless he knew him. A black belt is a superior, master fighter, especially up close. There was no shouting as you'd expect if a stranger attacked him. There wasn't even a knock at his door. The murderer counted on this. He knew about the placement of the security camera and the ways the front and back doors locked. Indeed, the back door could be locked from the inside. This person left nothing to chance. He/she chose a knife so there would be no sharp report, tracing a serial number or underworld knowledge of the sale of a handgun. The killer was very familiar with the scene of the crime. Just as likely, Hugues was comfortable in the presence of the person. He was stunned, utterly, by what he/she did in a split second. He was dazed temporarily by the unexpected assault to be sure. That’s why he walked around for several critical moments without seeking help. That is why he didn't pick up the phone. When and if he began to comprehend what had just occurred, it was too late. He had one to two minutes at the most.

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By Cinda Goodhope Winston-Salem, NC: After watching the 48 hours coverage of this story, it is hard to believe that this was EVER considered a suicide possibility. The fact that it continues to be considered an undetermined manner of death speaks more to the inability of the medical examiner to admit she was incorrect than to any evidence contradicting homicide. To the previous anonymous writer: Melissa was on the East coast when the murder happened- I suppose murder for hire is not impossible but your comments speak mountains to your ignorance and stupidity and lead me to believe that you are incapable of having any unbiased opinions on the subject. May justice be served here.

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Cinda again - of course the anonymous posts I am speaking of are those that attack the victim because of his lifestyle or nationality. Implying that murder is justified because of someone's choices or country of origin is akin to saying a woman brings on rape by wearing sexy clothes. Murder is murder and thus needs to be fully investigated. We would want no less for our loved ones.

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How was Melissa notified of his death when she was on the east coast? Did someone call her? Who knew where she was? Who knew her phone number? Where, exactly, on the east coast was she? When did the story of his death hit the national media or the net?

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But Casillas and Azar said the theory of suicide was never seriously explored until Casillas talked to an unlikely source.

"The real notion of a suicide started with Melissa Nix," said Azar.

"I know that specifically, very specifically, it came out of my conversation with Miss Nix," Casillas confirmed.

Casillas and Nix talked four days after Hugues’ death; their conversation recorded for police records. While "48 Hours Mystery" was not permitted to hear it, Dr. Azar was, and shared it with us.

"She was telling him that he was into Japanese culture. And that he would - watched a lot of Samurai movies. She says, 'Can I ask you one thing. Was this a hara-kiri? Did he go into his stomach?' She asks him that according to Azar.

"The person that allegedly knew him the most said, literally… would not be surprised if the investigation concluded he had done this to himself. She literally says that," said Azar.

"It has been out there that you were the one that first told San Francisco Police that maybe it was suicide. Is that true?" Maher asked Nix.

"There were questions that were very leading on the part of Detective Casillas," she said.

When asked if he felt like he led Nix into a discussion of suicide, Casillas said, "If I wanted to ask her, 'Did he commit suicide?' I'm very capable of asking those kinds of questions."

Well, let's say he asked leading questions. Did you, Melissa, mention his appreciation for Japanese culture? Did you mention hari-kari?

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I suppose murder for hire is not impossible but your comments speak mountains to your ignorance and stupidity and lead me to believe that you are incapable of having any unbiased opinions on the subject. May justice be served here.

can you help me to understand specifically what it is about his statements that reveal he's unable to have unbiased opinions?

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I just watched a repeat of this story on ID. It's crystal clear that this is s homicide. Nobody is going to stab themselves and slice their neck open, blood squirting everywhere and then wash the knife off. The detectives messed up from the beginning and the ME is an idiot who doesn't want anyone telling her that she's wrong. After listening to the evidence that was presented in the show tells me that for some reason Hughes opened his door, went out on the porch, was attacked/stabbed, was able to get back inside and lock the door. He obviously had lost so much blood that he was delirious and slowly walked around, in shock, collapsed and then passed. This case may be at the point that in order for it to be solved is for someone to talk.

Sherry said...

First off, I would like to send my condolences to Hugues family. I was wondering if anyone has researched the history of activity in Hugues computer & on his cell phone. Has anyone followed up on his final activity?
I am sure that the truth will come out one day- it always does. I pray for your peace of mind & for your son to be at rest upon the discovery of the truth that you should of already had. Again, my deepest sympathy to you all, not only for the loss of your son, but for having to go thru all of this to get answers. My prayers are that you will receive the truth & the closure you deserve. Courage aux parents et aux amis-